2010 Ski-Doo MX Z® 600RS

MX Z® X®-RS 600
It’s more than a performance sled. It’s the performance standard.

Our engineers and designers didn’t hold back with this one. The 2010 MX Z. Intense maneuverability. Breathtaking acceleration. And plenty of other reasons to call it the performance standard. Built on the incredibly light REV-X platform, it had to have both a two-stroke and four-stroke engine option. It was only fair. Every rider deserves a little trail time with the best cross-country sled on the planet.


The ultimate MX Z sled. Basically our MX Z race sled, refined for everyday use. We’re talking the REV-XP RS chassis and reinforcements, forward steering, new KYB Pro 40 shocks and more.

Spring Order Only.